Donations to save one's life


Donations to save one's life

Growing up in Africa , seeing the bright side of life and being raised in a good home in which I've never lacked anything in life , yet having the best of everything, has made me gown to being loved by those I've always supported for years and to have come to realize that being helped to come to a similar ending result lightens everyone's burden. 

Helping one another makes one fulfilled, overjoyed , appreciated , grateful , appreciated  & learning to always give back .

So I've come to the conclusion to donate at the end of every year a percentage of my yearly sales to the African homeless community of my desired choice or at the S.0.S ( villages d'enfants) of Wuitti  where I've met and got to know quite a lot of memorable friends that i grew up knowing whom are very humble .

wether or not the yearly sales double, I shall be doing so because somewhere, somehow , someone surely needs to save the life of another  at the end of the day. Within a year by God' s grace, many shall be fed and other things needed shall be provided for the young motherless & fatherless kids.

You are welcome to please Join me in donating anything of your choice if you so desired to do so.

Donations are voluntary

Donation comes from within, whatever your left hand gives, you right hand should not know. " Every information will therefore remain confidential " .

** Thanks for taking the time reading this **

God bless you all ! Amen !